Welcome to my personal site. My name is Tobias Hofmann and I work for an SAP partner and I am an SAP Mentor. I’ll use this space primarily to blog about SAP related topics.

Why this site?

I used to use SAP Community Network as my primary blogging channel. I created this site to be able to present myself in the internet and let people inform what I am doing.


My primary interest with SAP and my daily work tasks are related to Fiori, mobility in general, and I still master products like SAP Portal, SAP Mobile Platform, Afaria and NetWeaver ABAP + Java. In a more general aspect, I speak Java, HTML5. In regards to mobility in general, I did never understand the holy wars between native and hybrid apps.

I admit to not stop here as I am very much interested in topics around open source, Linux, portals, and analytics (I use ElaticSearch and its tools a lot). In early 2000 I used to run my own Grid at home for encoding videos, using X86, SPARC as well as a Laptop as my home cluster. Today this would be called: private cloud. Today I have a NUC with 32GB RAM running my private cloud solutions.


  • My twitter handle is @tobiashofmann
  • My LinkedIn profile
  • In case you want to write me an email or call me: this information is a little bit hidden, but for people with the right skills, they are easy to find as they are publicly available.

What to expect

Do not expect a 24/7 uptime or super fast internet speed. I may turn off the site from time to time on a weekend for some maintenance task.