Download a HDS VOD stream

Video streaming is nice, but you need to be online to watch most of the videos made available. If you want to assist them offline or archive them for later reference, you depend on whether a downloadable version is available … or you capture the video. There are a lot of tools available to do this, but it is not really easy for HDS videos made available via on demand. But there is a PHP script available that assists you in retrieving these kind of videos for offline consumption.

Basically, you start the video and look in the network trace for manifest. Copy the URL as this is the URL going to be used by the php script. There are two parameters you`ll need:

  • g
  • hdcore

Any other parameter can be deleted. In Google Chrome, you can start the video and in the network tab you`ll be able to see and copy the manifest.f4m URL.

Sample URL:,200,600,1200,.mp4.csmil/manifest.f4m?g=ABCDEFGH&hdcore=3.3.0

Paste this URL as the manifest parameter of the php script and run it.

Command: php AdobeHDS.php –manifest “,200,600,1200,.mp4.csmil/manifest.f4m?g=ABCDEFGH&hdcore=3.3.0” –delete

This will start the download of the files in 8 threads and after all are downloaded, make them available as a flv file.

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