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SAP Consultant, expert for cloud, SAP UX and mobility. Surviving with Java(Script) and HTML5 skills.

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My latest blog articles. Food for your thoughts and keyboard. Enjoy!

Where is my UI5 lib?

SAP decided once to offer UI5 on a CDN. This is like many other JavaScript libraries are offered too. Compared to hosting the library on some web server, a CDN distributes the files globally and Read more…

The #1 rule

„We take security seriously“ or „we take your privacy and security seriously” is what you hear from every company that offers some kind of service on the internet. It is what customers want to hear, Read more…

Der leidige Risikoaufschlag

Einmal kam eine Projektanfrage in meine Inbox. Es ging um die Aufwandsschätzung für ein neues Projekt. Frühes Stadium. Der Kunde hatte gerade erst seinen Schmerz als Bitte formuliert. Er hatte sich von einem doch recht Read more…


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