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SAP Consultant, expert for cloud, SAP UX and mobility. Surviving with Java(Script) and HTML5 skills.

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My latest blog articles. Food for your thoughts and keyboard. Enjoy!

Mind the protocol

SAP responded and put the service is in maintenance mode. Therefore it is not any longer possible to access data on the CMIS server. Welcome to the next post in my unofficial series “Are you Read more…

Same procedure as last year?

SAP’s main sales and motivational event Sapphire is just around the corner: tomorrow. Besides changing the name by dropping NOW and not shouting the name any longer, the biggest change is that this year it Read more…

A professional event app

SAP’s Sapphire starts May 10th. A few days before the official event start the event page is made available. I have written several event sites / apps in the last years, so I can relate Read more…


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