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Note: 1st published at SCN on 26. 8. 2011.

Following the blog from Vera Gutbrod about SAP Portal session at TechEd Las Vegas from SAP, I will now try to convince you to also join 2 ASUG sessions.

When you take a look at the TechEd LV agenda, it’s quite obvious that SAP will use this year’s TechEd to bring the new SAP Portal 7.3 closer to its customers and users. Nothing wrong with that, but what about the users / developers / administrators who have to deal with the “old” version? That’s were ASUG sessions can help: clients speaking about their experience with currently available versions (== the product you are using).

For the SAP Portal, this year brings us only 2 ASUG sessions:

  • PMC231: SAP NetWeaver Portal as a Launch Pad for Mobile Applications (Wed, 3:15pm)
  • PMC227: The New Signature Design in SAP NetWeaver Portal EhP 2 (Thu, 3:15pm)

I hope you like how I am writing PowerPoint presentations as I wrote the PPTs for both sessions.


I will be the speaker for PMC227. Looking at last year’s TechEd and the activities from SAP regarding Portal 7.3, I wondered why EHP2 isn’t really a topic at conferences. When you think about upgrading your Portal 7.00, EHP2 naturally will be considered. It also features the new signature design. In this session I will briefly show the new signature design that comes with SAP Portal 7.02, how you can start using it, how it depends on the Ajax Framework Page and how you can customize it. The customization part will take the biggest part of the session, as you can have 2 alternatives:

  1. Signature design configuration
  2. Scratch implementation

I will close the session in giving some guidelines how you can upgrade to EHP2 and how EHP2 can help you to later upgrade to Portal 7.3. Compared to the upgrade process involved when going for Portal 7.3, the EHP2 is “only” a EHP that needs to be installed. I’m interested to know if users opted to use EHP2 because of the new design or if they plan to go directly to Portal 7.3.


Session PMC231 is about a project where I was involved as the technical architect. If you are interested in knowing how to mobilize light weighted applications and the important role the SAP Portal can play, this is the session you have to join. Fabio will present a use case from Petrobras (I may join as an official unofficial co-speaker). After evaluating several possible solutions, Petrobras opted to use the SAP Portal as a launch pad for mobile applications: web based, always online applications based on HTML, jQuery, RFCs, using the SAP Portal as a single point to manage the backend and user access. Besides giving an overview of the application and how it was developed, the session will also cover the configuration done on the portal to support mobile access.

I will also give a Expert Networking Sessions (see my previous blog on Tuesday, 4:30 P.M., Lounge 5. The mobile application presented there will run on SAP Portal 7.0x.

If you are running Portal 7.0x, TechEd offers great ASUG sessions for you!

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