FND – 31 – Creating a bgRFC destination for outbound queues

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The configuration steps to be executed on the HUB system (FND) are detailed at SAP Help. The steps are for the OData Channel Service for backend system.

  1. Basic configuration activities: SAP Help
  • Set profile parameters to support SSO2 SAP Help
  • Activate ICF Services SAP Help
  1. User & Authorization SAP Help
  2. SAP Gateway to Consumer (FND to SMP3) SAP Help
    1. Creating a bgRFC destination for outbound queues SAP Help
    2. Registering bgRFC destination for the oubound queue SAP Help
    3. Creating bgRFC supervisor destination SAP Help
  3. SAP Gateway to SAP Backend (FND to BEP) SAP Help
    1. Create RFC on SAP Gateway (FND) to SAP backend (BEP) SAP Help
    2. Define trust between SAP Gateway and SAP backend (FND <-> BEP) SAP Help
    3. Configure SAP backend system (BEP) to accept assertion ticket from SAP Gateway SAP Help
    4. Configure SAP Gateway (FND) to accept assertion ticket from SAP backend (BEP) SAP Help
    5. Configure SAP system alias for applications SAP Help
  4. Activate SAP NetWeaver Gateway SAP Help

This document explains how to execute step 3.1.

You must create a Background Remote Function Call (bgRFC) destination for communications in an outbound queue or an inbound queue respectively.
SAP Help

SPRO: SAP Reference IMG and navigate to:  SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Channel Configuration Connection Settings SAP NetWeaver Gateway to Consumer Create RFC Destination for Outbound Queues

This open transaction SM59

  1. Click Create.

  1. Give a name for the RFC destination, like IWFND_BGRFC_DEST
  • Connection type: 3
  • Inform a description
  1. Go to tab “Special Options
  • Transfer Protocol: Classic with bgRFC

  1. Save
  2. Test connection

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