FND – 62 – Create outbound destination for content publisher

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The configuration steps to be executed on the HUB system (FND) are detailed at SAP Help.

  1. Maintaining Inbound bgRFC Queue on the Hub System SAP Help
  2. Create outbound destination for content publisher SAP Help

This document explains how to execute step 2.

When a mobile user subscripes for push notification, he/she basically informs SAP Gateway to receive updates on a collection. As Gateway handles subscriptions in a pretty abstract way, the user needs to inform some information during the subscription process. One of these informations is the communication channel. This channel corresponds to a HTTP destination created at the HUB system.
SAP Help

A user subscribing will pass the following channel information to Gateway: urn:sap-com:channel:<CHANNEL_NAME>/<unique_ID_of_device

The first part (urn:sap-com:channel) is used by OData as a keyword to filter and extract the name of the channel. The channel name is a HTTP destination created in SM59. I’ll use SMP_PUSH. This implies that you can have several push destinations for a single SAP Gateway system.

No SPRO activity

All activities are done on the SAP Gateway HUB (FND) system.

  1. Create HTTP Destination
  2. Transaction SM59

  3. New Destination

  • RFC Destination: SMP_PUSH
  • Connection Type: G

  1. Go to tab “Technical Settings”
  • Target host: Host of SMP 3 (smp3.tobias.de)
  • Service No: HTTP Port of SMP 3 (8080, depends on your configuration)
  • Path Prefix: Prefix used by SMP 3 for push notifications (/Notification/)

  1. Go to tab “Logon & Security

  • User: SMP Push user (smppush)
  • Password: password of SMP Push user
  1. Save
  2. Test destination

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