Afaria 7 troubleshooting

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When you install Afaria 7 or access it the first time, it`s likely that you`ll get into some problems. I`ve collected here some more or less common issues that you may face.

IIS ASP.NET error 500.21

When you access the Afaria web site, you get a IIS error (500.21). The error message suggests that maybe ASP.NET is not installed. The web site worked before and most probably you upgraded your Afaria server.

What you can do is to re-register ASP.NET. For this issue the command aspnet_regiis.

Command: aspnet_regiis.exe -i

Basically this will reinstall ASP.NET. Hopefully this fixes the IIS error.

SQL Server connection error

Another “common” error is that Afaria cannot connect to SQL Server.

The error message indicates that SQL Server is not accepting or listening on the configured port (anymore). To see what is going on, open the SQL Server Configuration Manager

Check if TCP protocol is enabled. If not, enable TCP

Check the IP address. If Afaria is running on the same server, is sufficient to be activated and listening.

If the error still persists, check the client. Enable the 64 bit native client

Create a new alias

Now Afaria should be able to connect to SQL Server using TCP and port 1433 in a 64 bit environment.

After doing the changes, either you have to restart SQL Server to make the changes active or you can simply do so to be on the save side.

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Olga Korytova · April 20, 2016 at 09:16

Thank you for your page AFARIA 7 TROUBLESHOOTING.
Can you create a new post how to configure the device enrollment in Afaria?
What steps admin have to do for configuration in admin panel and in Windows server 2008 (IIS etc).
Thank you a lot.

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