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SAP Agentry is the foundation of SAP`s mobile app portfolio (SAP Work Manager, SAP CRM Service Manager, SAP Inventory Manager, SAP Rounds Manager). Using the Agentry based apps allows you to have a ready to use mobile app for your mobile process scenario. From the package solution perspective this is a win-win situation for all: buy, install, configure, go mobile, go off-line, be productive. You can find more about this at SAP: Agentry Overview page at SCN

In comparison to the other mobile apps that use the SMP3 SDK for native or hybrid apps with Kapsel, Cordova and OData, Fiori, etc, Agentry apps focus on a different user group: the mobile worker that has to work offline because the business process demands it. There is also rarely an alternative B available. If the mobile device is broken, there is no other way in getting the job done. Some of the differences between the “pure” SMP3 apps and Agentry apps are:

  • Agentry is offline first
  • Agentry apps are developed as a meta app and compiled to native apps
  • SMP3 uses an open standard approach with REST, Cordova, Kapsel and HTML5
  • SMP3 embraces the developers as it is based on best practice for mobile apps

What do you have to do if you want to benefit from Agentry but none of the available apps meets your requirements? You can develop one. The documentation on how to do this is available on SAP Help. I won`t be surprised if the number of developers that can create an app after reading through SAP Help is close to zero. The Agentry developer documentation for Agentry 7 (shipped with SMP3) is well hidden. If not to say: non-existent.

What do you need to develop an Agentry ap?

  1. Agentry add-on for SAP NetWeaver ABAP
  2. Agentry 7 server available with SMP 3
  3. Agentry SDK, shipped with SMP 3 SDK

Let`s take a look at the Agentry Add-on for SAP NetWeaver ABAP:

  • Where to get it
  • How to install

The add on – named Mobile Add-On for ERP – contains three components. Which one you need depends on what you are going to use. SAP Note 1962948 explains the details.

For developing your own Agentry app, SMFND should be enough. The other are needed for Work Manager or Agentry apps. The add-on can be downloaded from SAP Market Place.


Got to:

There you`ll find one package (ZIP) to download. It contains all three components. The ZIP contains each component as a SAR file. Therefore you can choose which one to install. You`ll need the foundation componente only. ERP and IS are for specific scenarios and used by Work Manager.


After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it into a folder and you`ll have the SAR files available that can be installed in SAP NetWeaver ABAP as an add-on.

Transaction: SAINT

Load the SAR file from the laptop to the ABAP server.

After uploading the file, let SAINT decompress it.

After decompressing, the add-on can be installed. To do so, click start.

To go through the screens of the wizard, keep clicking on continue

At the end, confirm the dialog with no.

Keep confirming.

Now the installation finally starts. You can check the status in the status bar.

After the installation is done, the status bar shows a confirmation message.

Now click on finish.

Check the installed components in your ABAP system. SMFND is now available.

Congratulations. The Agentry ABAP backend part is installed. You can now start developing Agentry apps using SMP3. But before doing so, please consider to update the Agentry add-on to the latest patch level. The patches are downloaded from Service Market Place and installed in SAP NetWeaver ABAP via SPAM.

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