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For SAP Web Dispatcher be able to forward the received client certificate received by the browser, it must

  1. Re-encrypt the connection
  2. Add the client certificate as a header in the request

To ensure the connection is forwarded encrypted via TLS, use the parameter wdisp/ssl_enrypt=2. Value 2 means that WD will always forward using TLS, independently if the request received was HTTP or HTTPS. To inform WD which client certificate to use, configure parameter wdisp/ssl_auth. Value 2 means that the certificate specified by parameter wdisp/ssl_cred is used. In the below sample profile, ssl_cred points to the client PSE (SAPSSLC.pse). Icm/HTTPS/verify_client controls whether or not WD is asking or demanding for a client certificate. 1 means that WD will ask for one, but continue if not presented, while 2 means that a certificate must be presented.

With this information, WD can be used to connect securely the backend and forward the client certificate as a header, while using its own client certificate to authenticate against the backend NetWeaver system.

Extract of a sample WD profile

# unique instance identifier


# unique instance number





# Configuration for handling certificates



icm/HTTPS/forward_ccert_as_header = true

icm/HTTPS/verify_client = 1

icm/HTTPS/client_certificate_header_name = SSL_CLIENT_CERT

icm/HTTPS/client_key_size_header_name = SSL_CIPHER_USEKEYSIZE

icm/HTTPS/client_cipher_suite_header_name = SSL_CIPHER_SUITE

icm/HTTPS/client_certificate_chain_header_prefix = SSL_CLIENT_CERT_CHAIN_1


# Backend System


wdisp/system_0 = SID=GWD, MSHOST=nwgw74.tobias.de, MSPORT=8101, SRCURL=/, SRCSRV=*:*, SSL_ENCRYPT=1

# SAP Web Dispatcher Ports

icm/server_port_1 = PROT=HTTPS,PORT=443

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