Initial configuration of TMS for a single system

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To do some work with an ABAP system, you need to have TMS configured. In a single system, for demo/learning purposes, you do not have to set up a complete TMS landscape. You only do an initial configuration of TMS. This is an easy task and does not involve configuration steps. You access transaction STMS and let the system do the rest.

  • Client: 000
  • User: SAP*
  • Transaction: STMS or: SO06 -> post installation tasks -> TMS

Transaction SE06

Transaction STMS

Accessing for the first STMS will give you already a dialog confirming the transport domain. From here on, it is just clicking on save and let the system do the rest of the configuration for you.

See SAP Note 761637 what new standard password means. In case the system is new, and no default company address was yet created, you`ll have to do so now.


TMS is configured and ready to be used.

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