Initial setup of Personas 3 – 7 – Test Personas 3

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Final step to execute when configuring Personas for the first time is to check if it actually works. The health check tool shows that the configuration is OK; no more steps needed now to take Personas 3 for a test drive. It is time to access Personas 3! Best way to do so is to call Personas 3 from a browser. If you do not know already the URL of the app, you can call the ICF node directly from SICF.

  • Tx: SICF
  • Virtual Host: DEFAULT_HOST
  • Service Name: PERSONAS

Test service

This opens your default browser and automatically opens the personas app: /sap/bc/personas.

Wait, what? That`s Personas 3? Easy, look at the top middle of your screen.

Click it. Yeah, that`s Personas 3.

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