OCSP part 1 – Install an Online Responder

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Installing OCSP Responder Role

You can install the OCSP responder role in Windows Server 2008 R2 either via a command line tool or by using the role wizard.

Command line

Command: servermanagercmd.exe –install ADCS-Online-Cert

Whooops, deprecated 😀

Nevertheless, works. You just have to wait for the installer to finish.

Role wizard

  1. Open the server manager.

  2. Select the roles node and Active Directory Certificate Services.

  3. The Online Responder role should be shown as not installed.

  4. To add the role, click on Add Role Services. Select Online Responder.

    The installation starts.

  5. At the end of the installation, an Installation succeeded message must appear.

  6. In the list of installed roles, Online Responder appears now with status installed.

  7. In IIS, a new web site with name ocsp must appear. This is the URL of the OCSP responder that is needed to be added to certificates by the CA.

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