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Event information

  • Location: SITMUC 2019, Munich, IBM Client Innovation Center Germany GmbH
  • Date: 25.06.2021
  • Site: Event website
  • Title: Multicloud or a look back from an architect
  • Presentation: PDF

Additional information

  • Fruit Checker App is not a productive app. It is a showcase with the intention to make people think about the possibilities: what can you do today, value that combination of services can bring, etc.
  • The idea for the architecture is to make sure that the underlying concepts is valid even when new implementations are started on top of it. The individual solutions have to fit in, without violating the general architectural concept. That is: a new house can be built, as long as it fits into Mannheim’s Quadrate idea. It may be small or large, but still fits a block and follows the number scheme.
  • Same for the transportation concept: as long as you follow the established protocols and paths, you will arrive as planned. To go from Karlsruhe to Mannheim, you can use car or train. Going by horse is possible, but not recommended. Same with systems: use HTTPS, REST, BAPI, Integration, etc, but don’t use something that is possible but makes no sense (communicate via FTP instead of SSH/SCP).
  • SAP CAPM is from SAP, and therefore it depends on SAP’s ideas what is possible and what not. Maybe on day the process will be open and less SAP driven, and then we may have a tool that is even better than Spring Data.
  • Some slides are not included for a simple reason: they only make sense in the context of a live talk.
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