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Hello 2022, RIP 2021. I’ll use the new year to look back at 2021 and what it meant for my private website and blog.

In 2021 I managed to publish 61 blog posts. From September to December, I only published 1 post per month. I partly attribute this to me changing employers, partly I blame ABAPConf and my role as an organizer. As always: quantity is not important, quality is. I hope the quality is good enough to attract readers.

Looking at the access numbers, it seems to me that the quality is good enough. In 2021 I did not beat the access numbers from last year. The numbers exploded over the last years, and 2020 was extraordinary. For 2021 I can say: there are people reading my posts. The total number was slightly less compared to 2020. I blame my laziness in Q4/2021 for not writing enough posts. Nevertheless, for some important Google searches I am still in the top 5, or even #1. These rankings give me a steady daily stream of a significant number of visits. Side effect: I have people reading my posts 24/7. Every minute someone is accessing my website. Making it somewhat complicated to take the site down for maintenance. Access is worldwide, and of course not only related to SAP.

Looking at the referrer, my impression is that I can find my posts in many, many, many internal wiki and project pages at companies. Seems that TLS, SAML, SSO and NetWeaver configuration is an area where people need help. Don’t worry: I won’t shut down my website soon. But it is not only about SAP. In fact, many people do not access my SAP related content at all. The access number to non-SAP posts is very high. And as with last time I wrote about this: it is an eye opener to see what kind of content people from some place in the world are accessing.

As I did last year, for selected posts I promote them on LinkedIn. My posts there accumulated several thousand views, but I do not know a) how to get a summary of the correct number from LinkedIn and b) how many views resulted in a person reading a post. Most direct access I can trigger is from Twitter, followed by LinkedIn. GitHub visits come mostly because my site is referenced in the documentation of several projects or issues. Most access is through Google and other search engines.

Users search for a keyword on Google or see my post on social media, access the content, and leave. Rarely they stay on the site and read another post. That’s exactly how I want people to use my posts: use them to solve a specific problem.

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