Where is BAS 3.0?

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Recently I faced a problem with SAP Business Application Studio. For solving it, I used Google. And I found an SAP Note: 3030549.

The note contains a section about the affected products. Of course, it lists SAP Business Application Studio. What I found interesting was that the note also specifies a version: 3.0.

BAS is a cloud application and basically you use what SAP releases. Of course cloud products can have a version. BAS is released since a while; version 3 makes sense. New version also shows that SAP is still in active development. I looked at my BAS to find out the version I am using. My expectation was that the version reported is something 3.x or maybe even newer. BAS is cloud, so I should not be bothered too much with updates.

1.84.2. That’s somewhat lower than 3.0. The commit of my BAS version isn’t too old. At least I think that SAP is not going to go from 1.84 to 3.0 in less than a month. The SAP Note is from May 2023. The note states BAS 3.0, my BAS is 1.84.2. The SAP note does not apply to my problem. That’s unfortunate.

Maybe I can upgrade to BAS 3.0? If there is a BAS 3.0, surely the documentation or BTP service marketplace will inform me how to get it.

Look for BAS in my BTP Service Marketplace. Not much information about a version 3.0. Actually, not much talking about versions at all.

The application page (<abc>.applicationstudio.cloud.sap/index.html) shows no version information too. At SAP Help documentation about BAS I failed to see version related information. Searching for 3.0 gave me zero results. There is however an entry talking about VS Code 1.84. At least 1.84 matches the version information BAS shows me.

But what about BAS 3.0? Where is it? What do I have to do get access to BAS 3.0? Google doesn’t know much about BAS 3.0. Is BAS 3.0 an internal product version? If so, why reference it in notes released to customers? Or is everyone using BAS 3.0, we just don’t know it?

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