Install Personas 3.0 SP3


Check that Personas 3 add-on and SP01 and SP02 are already installed. SP03 is a support package, therefore SPAM is used to install it.


  • Transaction: SPAM
  • Client: 000
  • User: user with right permissions

Check that SPAM status is green and no queue is defined.

Upload SAR file: Support Package -> Load packages -> From Front End


Check the uploaded package. Select new support package under directory and then display.

The status needs to be yellow (not yet imported) and the perquisite set 01 all must be green and ok.

Select the package and click on Queue to define a new queue.

This SP03 is not protected with a password.

Select No. This brings you back to SPAM main screen. The status is now yellow and next action is given as import queue.

Import queue. Go to: Support Package -> Import queue.

You can now go get a coffee or follow the status messages in the status bar.

At the end of the import, a dialog is shown. It should be a nice “success!!” dialog, I got this:

What happened is that I applied a Personas 3 note that changed some standard objects. The dialog is SAP’s polite reminder to check if I want to keep these changes or discard them and let Personas 3 SP03 overwrite them. I want to not keep them and let Personas 3 use its own repository objects, so I selected continue. At the end you’ll see a short walkthrough what you should do (analyse the stuff, etc), although this isn’t possible in my demo system, as I do not have a SAP Note connection – something needed to run the validation.

Status is now: Confirm queue

You can and want, please send the data back to SAP.

SPAM finished updating Personas 3 to SP02 and the status is green -> all OK.

Check the installed Personas 3 version.

Personas 3 SP03 is installed.


When installing Personas, for sure you’ll apply some SAP Notes. When upgrading to a newer service pack, you’ll have to decide if you want to keep the adjustments done by the imported SAP Note or if you want to go back to the original version. As long as the service pack going to be installed contains the changes of the SAP Note, you can revert the changes. To do this:

  • Transaction SPAU

You see a list of SAP Notes. To get a better understanding, try to run the comparison tool. Be aware that SNOTE must be configured to download notes from SAP for this to work.

Select the option to reset the object. In case SNOTE can download the note from SAP, this should work.

Locked objects

Another part to consider when installing a new service pack is that the objects that are part of a transport request are locked. If so, SPAM will show the following dialog:

Click on the request number to see the locking requests.

First, release the tasks. (A check icon must be behind them)

Then, release the transport request.


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Installing Personas 3.0 on SAP NetWeaver 7.5

Pre-installation checks

Resources on pre-requirements for Personas 3

Check your kernel release and patch level

Personas 3 heavily depends on SAP Kernel patch level. It`s not like this is to give you more work, Personas simply depends on core functionality that is part of the kernel. When something is fixed there, you have to update your kernel.

Transaction: SM51

Select Release Notes

  • I can see that my kernel is release 745 with patch level 15.

Implement required SAP Notes

As of writing this text, the required SAP Notes by Personas 3.0 SP2 are:

  • 1926394 – SAP GUI for HTML: Rendering mode update
  • 1995776 – ITS up/down: restgui dialogs instead of applet execution
  • 2016640 – Invalid GUI input data: display – window dimension conflict
  • 2076084 – Ghost Elements in SAP Screen Personas
  • 2148349 – SAP Screen Personas Call transaction variant
  • 1970427 – SAP GUI for HTML: Rendering problems in Enterprise Portal (EP)

None of the notes needed to be implement. Running a recently release NW version has its vantages.

Install Personas 3 add-on

Unzip The file K-300AGINPERSONAS.SAR containing the add on is located in the folder \DATA_UNITS\PERSONAS_300_INST\DATA

  • Log on to client 000.
  • User: you cannot use SAP*, so make sure you have a user with the right permissions.
  • Transaction: SAINT

Upload SAR to NW.


The PAT file is now available on the server, in EPS inbox.

Select start

Select: “Continue”.

Select: “Continue”.

Select: “Continue”.

Select “No”.

Confirm. Installation start. Hold tight, all will end well.

Confirm, and lean back and relax


If you can, please send the data to SAP.

Personas 3.0 is now available in the system

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