SAP Afaria 7 SP6 – Install Afaria API Service and Administrator

The upgrade of the API service and administrator console is listed as one step, but will be executed as two steps:

  • 1st the API service and directly afterwards the
  • Administrator console

As both are bound together, you cannot install the admin console separately. As the API service is installed first, you can upgrade the API service and not the admin console. This should not be done! Run the installation and update both at once.

SAP Afaria API Service

Start the installation

Select DB

Keep account information

Installation finishes

Select if you want to start the services. If you want to continue with the installation, do not start them now. The installation will now continue with the Afaria Admin setup.

SAP Afaria Administration

Keep account information

Select how the admin user will authenticate. Here I am using my Active Directory.

Either way, you`ll have to configure the LDAP URL Afaria will use to authenticate the user.

Installation finishes

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Afaria Setup 10.3 – Install Afaria 7 – SAP Afaria API Service and Administrator

The steps to install SAP Afaria 7 are:

  1. Download installation package and install license
  2. SAP Afaria Server
  3. SAP Afaria API Service and Administrator
  4. Afaria Admin
  5. Self Service Portal
  6. Enrollment Server
  7. Package Server
  8. SCEP Plugin-in module

This document is about step 3.

Afaria API Service and Administrator

After SAP Afaria Server is installed, additional components must be installed. All will be installed on the same server, as I am using this as a test environment.

SAP Afaria API Service Setup wizard starts


Inform database used by Afaria.

Inform connection data to database


Confirm installation path of API server.

Service Account

Inform service account going to be used by Afaria.

Start installation

During start of SAP Afaria API service, a warning message may appear, informing you that the API service can be accessed without SSL. This is true as in the IIS SSL configuration step, HTTP access was not forbidden. Again, in a production environment, you’ll have to make sure the API service is accessed in a secure manner.

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