SAP Afaria 7 SP6 – Install Enrollment Server

Next component to be updated is the enromment server.

Select the DB type.

Select where the DB server is running.

In case the setup program can connect to the DB server, it will show a list of databases available to the user. Select the Afaria DB. In case an error occurs, check with one of the previous blogs on how to solve this issue.

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Afaria Setup 10.6 -Install Afaria 7 – Enrollment Server

The steps to install SAP Afaria 7 are:

  1. Download installation package and install license
  2. SAP Afaria Server
  3. SAP Afaria API Service and Administrator
  4. Afaria Admin
  5. Self Service Portal
  6. Enrollment Server
  7. Package Server
  8. SCEP Plugin-in module

This document is about step 6.

Additional installations and resources

Enrollment Server

The entrollment server is a IIS web application. To add it, the installer will create a new IIS site.


Path to where the enrollment server will be installed. Can be left to default values.


Use the SAP Afaria service user.

  • Account name: afauser

IIS directory

Specify the virtual directory of IIS to where the enrollment server site will be installed to.

  • Unauthorized virtual directory name: aips
  • Authorized virtual directory name: aips2

  • SSL port: 443

Select the right SSL server certificate.

SAP Afaria Server connection

For the enrollment server to work, it must know the address of the SAP Afaria server. In my case both servers are on the same computer, so I can use localhost.

  • Remote Server context address: localhost

Start installation

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