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You want to connect the Fiori tools (BAS or VS Code) to your S/4HANA system.


The wizard for configuring / connecting the S/4HANA system shows an error for OData v4 services

Root Cause

The service group for OData v4 services is not published


Publish the OData v4 service group. See SAP Note 2948977 or this blog post by André Fischer.

Longer version

In case you want to develop a Fiori (Elements) app and you run the App Generation or New SAP System wizard, the wizard will try to connect to the SAP backend and read the published OData services. In case the service group for v4 OData services is not published in the backend, the wizard shows an error. Same when you add an SAP System in BAS or VS Code. The V2 OData services can be read, but the V4 OData services not.


Example: system connection test result. The V2 services worked, the V4 services not.

(Yes, the text is green, indicating it worked, but … no. Did not work for V4. Last part should be in red or yellow.)

The OData v4 services are retrieved by accessing the service iwfnd/config.

{"error":{"code":"/IWBEP/CM_V4_COS/014","message":"Servicegruppe '/IWFND/CONFIG' ist nicht publiziert","@SAP__common.ExceptionCategory":"Configuration_Error","innererror":{"ErrorDetails":{"@SAP__common.Application":{"ServiceRepository":"DEFAULT","ServiceId":"/IWFND/CATALOG","ServiceVersion":"0002"},"@SAP__common.TransactionId":"","@SAP__common.Timestamp":"2023123456789.000000","@SAP__common.ErrorResolution":{"Analysis":"Use ADT feed reader \"SAP Gateway Error Log\" or run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details","Note":"See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis (https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1797736)"}}}}}

Validate published service groups

To fix the error, the service group must be published. Validate which service groups are published.


Expand the service groups folder to see which service groups are already published.

As long /IWNF/CONFIG is not listed here, the service catalog for v4 OData services is not available.

Publish the missing service group


Click on Publish Service Groups.

Search for the service group iwfnd/config.

  • System Alias: LOCAL
  • Service Group ID: /IWFND/CONFIG

Click on Get Service Groups. The found service group will be shown in the table.

Select the entry /IWFND/CONFIG and click on Publish Service Groups

Confirm with Yes.

Use the default description or enter your own one.

Provide a customizing transport request.

This will publish the service group.


To validate if the list of OData v4 services can now be retrieved, access the service again.

Adding the S/4HANA system in the Fiori Tools is now working and the services for both OData v2 and v4 can be successfully retrieved.

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