A look back at 2015

2015 is history. Time to look back and to analyze the past year to make better decisions. What happened in 2015? Well, I started my own web site. I left SCN as my go to blogging platform, so I needed a new one. While there are a lot of free cloud alternatives available, I wanted to have control and insight over my content.

It was around February when I bought my Raspberry Pi B+ and registered my own domain. At the end of the year I got a Raspberry Pi 2 and that one took over the task of hosting this very own website. The RP1 is now serving as a pure OpenELEC media center. Software I use on the RP2 is “pure” Debian. It is not Rasbian anymore, with RP2 I started using the real deal. Apache is the web server, and I only serve my content via TLS. No SSL and no HTTP. WordPress is the blogging software, Piwik is used for analytics. Initial go live was around February, but the real go live was in March. This means that I had my site up and running for about 9 months in 2015. What was achieved in these 9 months? Let`s take a look at the numbers:

I wrote 156 blogs and published 116 of them. 156 blogs in 9 months means around 17 per months, but I took off 1 month of well deserved holidays, so it was actually almost 20 blogs per month. That`s an insane high number of blogs per month/week. On my laptop are already drafts for way more blogs, so this number will grow still drastically in 2016.

Having content is nice, but worth nothing without an audience. My focus is SAP related, and to a very specific area: mobility in all its aspects: Fiori, Gateway, SMP3, etc. In 2015, I managed to attract more than 4200 unique visitors. In total, I had slightly over 10.000 page visits by 5815 visitors. I think this is not bad. Looking at my content, I guess a high % of people working as SAP consultants working with these technologies passed by my site.

These numbers are only for www.itsfullofstars.de and not for the subsites I created for the SAP Inside Tracks. Where did my visitors come from?

As you can see, from around the word. IMHO the map accurately shows the real distribution of SAP clients. Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia is good, Africa only in the more “developed” countries. From time to time I post a blog at SCN summarizing a set of blogs on my site. I get a nice amount of visitors through SCN, but Google leads. More than 3.000 hits came from Google search (and yes, forget Bing). Actually, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and other sites sum up to more visits than from SCN. Big surprise for me, as SCN is still THE site for SAP professionals to go to. Although other sources are raising. In 2016 I`ll try to make a better use of LinkedIn to promote my site and content. Btw: even with almost stopping using SCN for blogging, I still managed to get to the elite circle of 15k and am now 2 digit in the global ranking (99th place).

What are my users using when accessing my site? Chrome and FF. The mobile users also sum up to a nice amount, albeit desktop users lead by far.

I planned to show some hard data like MB served by my site, but I lost a huge amount of Apache 2 log data for some unknown reason. The data gap is several months, so it makes no real sense to show that data. To make sure that this won`t happen again in 2016, I run now also ELK on this RP2. The data for ½ of December shows me that I have served 500 MB of data. Scaling this simply up would mean 1 GB per month == 12 GB in one year. I`ll try to validate this in 12 months.

See you in 2016 on my site. Hope you enjoy my content.

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SCN Meetup Rio de Janeiro 2015

Our 2nd event in Rio de Janeiro and the 1st Meetup in Rio. This time the event was located at INFNET, located directly in the downtown area, close to some of the biggest SAP customers in Rio and also close to partner offices. INFNET is also a SAP University Alliance partner, so great initiative from them to help us. Special thanks here also to SONDA IT, as they divulged the event internally. To no surprise, a large amount of participants was from SONDA. Being active in the SAP community can give you an unfair competitive advantage.


Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Edition 1
Date 4.11.2015
Location Instituto Infnet. Rua São José, 90, 2º andar, Auditório. Centro – RJ
Twitter #scnrj
Sessions 5
Speakers 4
Tracks 1
Participants 74
Tweets 36
Twitter reach 4.412

Event site

The event site was hosted on a Raspberry Pi using a OpenUI5 web page with the backend for user registration run on HCP (Java).

Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Page visits 710
Unique visitors 524
Page views 1.107

As expected, almost all access to the site was done from Brazil.

Event Schedule


SCN announcement

Marssel Vilaca about the event


Available for the next months in mobile docs from SAP

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Catch me if you can

I am going to TechEd Las Vegas 2015. My flight is departing on my birthday, and I hope that I will be jet lag free starting 19.10. My flight back to Rio is on 23.10. This means that I won`t be able to attend any session on the last event day (Friday), but have time to attend the sessions and workshops on the other 3 full conference days.

My schedule is based on my work. No experiments, nothing completely new I will try out, no out of the box thinking this time. My schedule is already pretty full with sessions related to Fiori, Web IDE, Mobile Secure / Afaria, Personas 3, SMP3, HCPms, mobile apps development. And I will also give two expert networking sessions:

Join these two sessions if you want to hear in a short time information about SMP3 architecture with Afaria, backend, client apps and the benefit of using an API or if you want to know more about the SIT Brasil events. You can check my site with more information about our events in Brazil.

I scheduled myself for two workshops: UX162 Effectively configure and manage SAP Fiori Launchpad and UX263 Improve the SAP UX with SAP Screen Personas. And both are on the same day! Other workshops that interested me conflicted with other sessions, and to be honest: I somehow prefer a session were you can better interact with the expert. Staying focused for 2 hours is complicated when I have to think about the other interesting session I may lose. That`s the good and bad thing about events: you will always be able to only attend a fraction of the sessions you want to go to, and inevitable lose a lot of high quality knowledge. At least the PPTs are of the sessions are made available! Besides this, I added a lot of MOB, UX and EXP sessions in my agenda. And I also will go to the usual SAP Mentor meet SAP executives meetings. Oh, and I have one DEV session in my agenda. I wonder why it’s only one, as I think I know a little bit about developing. Maybe I was searching for something related to CI/CD, quality analysis or package management J

There is a mission on SCN that is about getting in contact with a SAP Mentor. Based on my schedule this is either pretty simple – find me in a session – or pretty complicated – find my while I am searching the room of my next session. Either way, I am always available for a talk about SAP Portal, Fiori, UI5, mobility, Java, development, architecture, etc. But don`t expect an hour long conversation. I have to get to my next session 😀

This year’s TechEd marks my return to an SAP event outside Brazil since 2012. Yep, it`s my first TechEd since 2012. I cannot believe that I missed 2013 and 2014!!! I wonder how much the concept changed over the years. Don`t worry, I`ll keep you posted on my impressions.

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SAP Inside Track Joinville 2015

Our 1st SIT at Joinville at PUC university in Joinville. Besides SCN as the main communication channel for announcing the event, we had an own website of the event as well as apps for iOS and Android. Over the website + apps (all done in UI5) it was also possible to give feedback of the event. As there are several large SAP customers in Joinville, overall reception of the event was good. We had 114 on site participants! We recorded the sessions, streamed them to Youtube and for those behind a proxy, made them available as an HLS stream for app and modern web browsers.


Official site SAP Community Network
Edition 12
Date 14.8.2015
Location Universidade Católica de Santa Catarina, Joinville, SC, Brazil
Twitter #sitjoi
Sessions 23
Speakers 21
Tracks 2
Participants 114
Tweets 1062
Twitter reach >1.500.000

Event Schedule

Session vídeos




Sergio Oliveira e Calixto Herkert Desafio Fiscal Brasileiro – Como Cumprir?
Marssel Vilaça Passo a Passo Para Iniciar Uma Carreira SAP
Marlo Simon Eduardo Chagas e Marssel Vilaça Palestra de Recepção
Marlo Simon Vamos com Node.js? Sim, você vai precisar disso no mundo SAP
João Norberto Santos Junior SAP UI5, conceito, funcionalidade e como se encaixa no SAP Fiori
Jackson Donadel Salesforce Integration with ECC via PI
Guilherme Seabra Desenvolvimento de Aplicações Móveis com Fiori, SAPUI5 e NW Gateway
Fabio Pagoti Componentes do UI5
Fabio Pagoti HANA XS Data Services
Eduardo Chagas Business Rules Framework +
Cristiano Molognoni Desenvolvendo uma Aplicação UI5 no HANA
Bruno Lucattelli Machine Learning 101 – Por Onde Começar
Allan Silva HANA Cloud Platform and Integration with SAP R/3



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Wrap up SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo

In our long list of SAP Inside Tracks in Brazil the last event realized was SIT São Leopoldo. This time our SIT was co-hosted with DKOM at SAP Labs São Leopoldo. DKOM was a 2 day event (31.3, SAP employees only, 1.4, open to partners + clients), SIT SL a one day event (1.4). As always, we recorded the videos and streamed them, and for those wondering why no HLS this time: I think it was a good proof that you cannot rely on YouTube 🙂

My event app allowed to sign up for the event, thanks to everyone that did so! Android users had also the chance to rate SIT sessions using the app. Apple was against a release of this feature before the event started, therefore iOS users could only rate sessions after the event was over. In total 45 people downloaded the app. While this looks nice, compared to the total number of participants the number is too low. For next SIT I’ll have to think about how to increase the number of people installing the event app. I guess it will help if the registration via app is the preferred way and opening up the web site event registration only later. Which implies to release the app way earlier.

I created a wrap up presentation for internal usage. As the file size is 5MB I cannot share it here. But here are some of the key slides and numbers:

I used the UI5 app to create a web site version, giving everyone with internet access the chance to access key information about the event. The site URL was sitsl.ddns.net. The site had 122 unique visitors.

Tweets were analyzed with a variety of tools, with Kibana being the primary reporting tool.

Impressions from the event.

To speak for all other Mentors involved at the event: a big thank you to SAP Labs São Leopoldo to let us co-host the event.

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SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2015

Our 3rd SIT at São Leopoldo was the first one to b eco-hosted at the first DKOM event at SAP Labs. DKOM being a two day event, the first day was strictly SAP internal, while the second day was open to clients and customers.


Official site SAP Community Network
Edition 11
Date 1.4.2015
Location SAP Labs Latin America – Av. SAP, 188, São Leopoldo, RS
Twitter #sitsl
Sessions 14
Speakers 12
Tracks 1
Participants 283
Tweets 725
Twitter reach 1.118.986

Event Schedule

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Hello DKOM São Leopoldo

Partiu galera!

SAP has this awesome global developer focused internal event named DKOM. This is my 1st year as an SAP employee and it will be the first time I attend DKOM in real life. Being an SAP Mentor I had the chance to participate in previous DKOM events, but I never had the time, money or support (from my managers, company, etc) to go to the event and participate. All I had was virtual participation (thanks to Mark Finnern for making this possible), but that is not the same thing. So, this time I will be on site! #excited

Of course you get to be an SAP Mentor not only for sitting in your cubicle. The foundation is to share knowledge, and so I will share some lessons learned about a Fiori implementation: architecture, apps, maintenance, security. This is a DKOM only session (31.3.). During the SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2015 day (1.4.) I have the honor to present another session, co-presented with fellow SAP Mentor Bruno Lucattelli. This session will show how to connect the dots that lead to new SAP: ABAP, HANA, OData, Gateway, SAP Mobile Platform, Fiori, cloud, learning.

See you there!

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