SAPInst error

SAPinst is used to install SAP software. You can run the installation with its graphical user interface (GUI) directly on the target host, or use a remote installation. Remote installation is normally used when the target host offers no GUI and all work is done via remote logon, like SSH. In such a setup, on the target host sapinst is started in server mode, and on the admin laptop, sapinst is started in with a GUI. The admin then connects to the target and executes the installation of SAP software remotely.


The setup to reproduce the error is to have sapinst running on a target host and listening on the default port 21212 and connecting to this instance using sapinstgui.

Setup target host

Start sapinst on the target host:

./sapinst -nogui

Setup client host

Start sapinst in GUI mode: ./sapinstgui Inform the target host (computername or IP)

Accept the fingerprint.


Sapinstgui hangs and is not advancing to the next screen. The status bar shows that it`s connected:

On the target server, sapinst gives this error message:

java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method of a null object loaded from field of an object loaded from local variable 'this'


To solve this error, a configuration on the client computer is needed. While not obvious, the error is caused by a misconfiguration of the client DNS resolution. Easiest solution is to manually change the hosts file and to ensure that the client computer name is listed. To find out the computers host name, run hostname.


In my case, the host name is linux-01sn.

Example: wrong hosts file

The host name is not listed in the hosts file. To correct this, insert the hostname for instance to localhost.

Example: working hosts file


To see if sapinstgui can now connect to the target server without error, restart sapinstgui. After connecting to sapinst server, you`ll get the authentication screen.

sapinst output on target host:

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SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2016

Our 4th SIT at São Leopoldo occurred a few days after the SAP internal DKOM event. Therefore we lost some of our momentum, as some participants can only justify going to one event, and for many, DKOM was higher on the priority list. Overall, the event was once more a success, attracting a diverse crowed from local SAP employees, local Porto Alegre market and some even travelling from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to attend the event.


Official site SAP Community Network
Edition  4th
Date 1.4.2016
Location SAP Labs Latin America – Av. SAP, 188, São Leopoldo, RS
Twitter #sitsl
Sessions 17
Speakers 17
Tracks 3
Participants 84
Tweets 378
Twitter reach 1.672.000

Event Schedule



Twitter sentimento analysis


Net Promoter Score: 74

Overall Session rating: 4.3/5

Overall Event rating: 4.5/5


SAP Press sponsored 1 book and 4 vouchers for ebooks!

We also gave away some gadgets with the help of Karen and Eduardo.

The winners

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Meetup Rio de Janeiro 2016

Our third event in Rio de Janeiro and the second Meetup in Rio. This event was also located at INFNET. Once again, INFNET sponsored the event by providing the location, and I was able to offer the event once more in the downtown area, close to some of the biggest SAP customers in Rio and close to partner offices. INFNET is also a SAP University Alliance partner, so great initiative from them to help us.


Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Edition 2
Date 13. 4. 2016. 18:00 – 22:00
Location Instituto Infnet. Rua São José, 90, 2º andar, Auditório. Centro – RJ
Twitter #scnrj
Sessions 7
Speakers 5
Tracks 1
Participants 67

Event web site

The event site was hosted on a Raspberry Pi using an OpenUI5 web page with the backend for user registration run on HCP (Java).

Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Page visits 508
Unique visitors 341

55% of the visitors signed up to the event. As expected, almost all access to the site was from Brazil.

Event Schedule


SAP Press sponsored 4 vouchers for ebooks.


Net promoter score: 94

Overall event rating: 4.3/5

Overall session rating: 4.4/5

The only SAP HDE in Brazil was also present at the event.

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SCN Meetup Novo Hamburgo 2015

First time we hosted na event at Novo Hamburgo and also our first meetup at Feevale university. The focus of the event was EAM and IoT. As it was a meet-up, the event occurred in the evening, from 18:00 to 22:00. This allowed the participants to work during the day at their companies and connect with similar minded professionals during the event, without causing too much impact on their projects.



Official site

Meetup Novo Hamburgo






Auditório Prédio Multicolor – Universidade Feevale – Rodovia RS 239, 2755 – Vila Nova, Novo Hamburgo, RS













Twitter reach



Event Schedule


SCN Meetup Novo Hamburgo 2015 – Chamada para Palestrantes

SCN Meetup Novo Hamburgo 2015 – INSCRIÇÕES ABERTAS


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Download Oracle Java via wget

If you want or have to download Java from Oracle’s web site, you might know that you have to accept the “Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE” to activate the download link. If you have to download the binary from a computer without a browser, you get some problems: how to click on something that needs to accessed by a browser? What happens when you click on the link (technically) is that a cookie is being set. The download site checks for that cookie and when it is set, allows you to download the binary.

With knowing that, you can use wget to download Java without having to actually click on the checkbox. Just send the cookie with wget. The command for downloading Java SE 8 u51 with wget is:

Command: wget –header “Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie”

Of course, you still have to accept Oracles license agreement.

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