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Our third event in Rio de Janeiro and the second Meetup in Rio. This event was also located at INFNET. Once again, INFNET sponsored the event by providing the location, and I was able to offer the event once more in the downtown area, close to some of the biggest SAP customers in Rio and close to partner offices. INFNET is also a SAP University Alliance partner, so great initiative from them to help us.


Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Edition 2
Date 13. 4. 2016. 18:00 – 22:00
Location Instituto Infnet. Rua São José, 90, 2º andar, Auditório. Centro – RJ
Twitter #scnrj
Sessions 7
Speakers 5
Tracks 1
Participants 67

Event web site

The event site was hosted on a Raspberry Pi using an OpenUI5 web page with the backend for user registration run on HCP (Java).

Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Page visits 508
Unique visitors 341

55% of the visitors signed up to the event. As expected, almost all access to the site was from Brazil.

Event Schedule


SAP Press sponsored 4 vouchers for ebooks.


Net promoter score: 94

Overall event rating: 4.3/5

Overall session rating: 4.4/5

The only SAP HDE in Brazil was also present at the event.

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