SAP UI5 VIZ charts in Chrome

I was preparing a demo showing how to visualize data from an IoT service using SAP UI5 VisFrame charts. To play around with VizFrame, I used the sample from SAPUI5 SDK. It was working perfectly on the online version, but while running the UI5 app and Chrome, I got an error message.

Googling for the error message revealed that with Chrome 50 a known error exists which makes it impossible to use a VizFrame chart. Luckily I found the solution on SCN. All it takes is to implement the function as a prototype and the chart will work.

SVGElement.prototype.getTransformToElement = SVGElement.prototype.getTransformToElement || function(elem) { return elem.getScreenCTM().inverse().multiply(this.getScreenCTM()); };

I`ve put the code in my views controller init() function:

onInit : function (evt) {
  SVGElement.prototype.getTransformToElement = SVGElement.prototype.getTransformToElement || function(elem) { return elem.getScreenCTM().inverse().multiply(this.getScreenCTM()); };
  oVizFrame = this.oVizFrame = this.getView().byId("idVizFrame");


Now, this works magically when I access the online SDK, but is broken when using it locally. I guess SAP did some magic either in the SDK or in the UI5 library that my SAPUI5 version does not include. Either way, the above trick solves the problem.

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Upgrade SAPUI component

There is at least one SAPUI component in an ABAP system that you can “easily” upgrade without having to upgrade almost your entire ERP system: SAPUI. An upgrade of that component is necessary to gain the lateset and greatest in SAP UI5. To upgrade that component from SP12 to SP13 do the following steps:

A pre-requirement of SP13 is to have an updated SPAM version. Make sure to have the latest one available for your system.

Extract the SAR file and copy the PAT to the server and import them.

Check the package content to see if the pre-requirements are fulfilled. Select “New Support Package” in the Directory section and then “Display”.

The dependencies should be marked as OK.

Select the component and click on calculate queue: Confirm the queue.

Click OK

Confirm the dialog with no.

The queue is now listed in the main screen.

To start the installation, go to the top menu -> Support Package and select “Import queue”.

Confirm the following message.

Click on OK to start the process.

To see the status of the import, check the messages in the status bar.

After the import (be prepared, can take some while). In case everything went through without problems, you should see the following message

The final step is to confirm this. Go to the menu and “Support Package” > “Confirm”.

Inform if you want help SAP to improve the process or not.

Check if SP13 is now installed.

Congratulation, you have now SP13 of SAPUI installed.

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