SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2016

Our 4th SIT at São Leopoldo occurred a few days after the SAP internal DKOM event. Therefore we lost some of our momentum, as some participants can only justify going to one event, and for many, DKOM was higher on the priority list. Overall, the event was once more a success, attracting a diverse crowed from local SAP employees, local Porto Alegre market and some even travelling from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to attend the event.


Official site SAP Community Network
Edition  4th
Date 1.4.2016
Location SAP Labs Latin America – Av. SAP, 188, São Leopoldo, RS
Twitter #sitsl
Sessions 17
Speakers 17
Tracks 3
Participants 84
Tweets 378
Twitter reach 1.672.000

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Twitter sentimento analysis


Net Promoter Score: 74

Overall Session rating: 4.3/5

Overall Event rating: 4.5/5


SAP Press sponsored 1 book and 4 vouchers for ebooks!

We also gave away some gadgets with the help of Karen and Eduardo.

The winners

Meetup Rio de Janeiro 2016

Our third event in Rio de Janeiro and the second Meetup in Rio. This event was also located at INFNET. Once again, INFNET sponsored the event by providing the location, and I was able to offer the event once more in the downtown area, close to some of the biggest SAP customers in Rio and close to partner offices. INFNET is also a SAP University Alliance partner, so great initiative from them to help us.


Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Edition 2
Date 13. 4. 2016. 18:00 – 22:00
Location Instituto Infnet. Rua São José, 90, 2º andar, Auditório. Centro – RJ
Twitter #scnrj
Sessions 7
Speakers 5
Tracks 1
Participants 67

Event web site

The event site was hosted on a Raspberry Pi using an OpenUI5 web page with the backend for user registration run on HCP (Java).

Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Page visits 508
Unique visitors 341

55% of the visitors signed up to the event. As expected, almost all access to the site was from Brazil.

Event Schedule


SAP Press sponsored 4 vouchers for ebooks.


Net promoter score: 94

Overall event rating: 4.3/5

Overall session rating: 4.4/5

The only SAP HDE in Brazil was also present at the event.

SCN Meetup Novo Hamburgo 2015

First time we hosted na event at Novo Hamburgo and also our first meetup at Feevale university. The focus of the event was EAM and IoT. As it was a meet-up, the event occurred in the evening, from 18:00 to 22:00. This allowed the participants to work during the day at their companies and connect with similar minded professionals during the event, without causing too much impact on their projects.



Official site

Meetup Novo Hamburgo






Auditório Prédio Multicolor – Universidade Feevale – Rodovia RS 239, 2755 – Vila Nova, Novo Hamburgo, RS













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SCN Meetup Novo Hamburgo 2015 – Chamada para Palestrantes

SCN Meetup Novo Hamburgo 2015 – INSCRIÇÕES ABERTAS


SCN Meetup Rio de Janeiro 2015

Our 2nd event in Rio de Janeiro and the 1st Meetup in Rio. This time the event was located at INFNET, located directly in the downtown area, close to some of the biggest SAP customers in Rio and also close to partner offices. INFNET is also a SAP University Alliance partner, so great initiative from them to help us. Special thanks here also to SONDA IT, as they divulged the event internally. To no surprise, a large amount of participants was from SONDA. Being active in the SAP community can give you an unfair competitive advantage.


Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Edition 1
Date 4.11.2015
Location Instituto Infnet. Rua São José, 90, 2º andar, Auditório. Centro – RJ
Twitter #scnrj
Sessions 5
Speakers 4
Tracks 1
Participants 74
Tweets 36
Twitter reach 4.412

Event site

The event site was hosted on a Raspberry Pi using a OpenUI5 web page with the backend for user registration run on HCP (Java).

Official site Meetup Rio de Janeiro
Page visits 710
Unique visitors 524
Page views 1.107

As expected, almost all access to the site was done from Brazil.

Event Schedule


SCN announcement

Marssel Vilaca about the event


Available for the next months in mobile docs from SAP

SIT BR streaming – how it works

The SIT Brazil events offer a special service: videos. We do stream the videos during the event live and record them for on demand. For this to work I have set up architecture to support everyone involved: on site team, server team and the end user. The videos are recorded for later processing to publish them in high quality in our YouTube channel.


Our goal is to make the access to SAP related knowledge as easy as possible. In case you cannot join the event IRL, you can assist the session live and in high quality. In case you are at work and your corporate proxy blocks YouTube, you can assist the stream via the event app, or the event site. For later best is to use Safari, but VLC can also show you the stream. In case you cannot assist the event live, we`ll publish the session after a few days of processing them, adding the slides to the video, to YouTube. Who knows, maybe one day we will also offer the vídeos for download, together with the slides.


The software involved in the process is:

  • OBS: Capturing the video, save it locally and send it to my NGINX server
  • NGINX with RMTP: receiving the video from OBS and process it to the further channels: YouTube and HLS.
  • YouTube: YouTube live event. Streams the received video to the web.
  • HSL: Prepares the received video for HLS. This is done by using FFMPEG.
  • App: event app that connects to the HLS stream via HTTP.
  • Browser: connects to the HLS stream via the web version of the event site or to YouTube.

Several software components have to communicate with each other, on different protocols and ports, making it sometimes a challenge to set it up on site. To simplify to whole process, a central server hosted at AWS serves as receiver and distribution point to our channels. We only have to communicate with one server, and still can offer the stream in several formats. NGINX server is accessible under its own DNS name. Many companies do not like to give access to YouTube, and it is easier to get them open a port than YouTube.




  • FMS URL: the server URL of NGINX.
  • Play Path: defines the name of the stream for internal handling at NGINX
  • File Path: location where the stream is saved locally for later processing, etc.


Easy. Once OBS is started, the input sources selected, we add some UI magic for branding and the stream is started. The target is the NGINX server in the cloud, the protocol and port is RMTP.


For the NGINX setup to work, I had to add the RMTP add-on. For this, I downloaded NGINX from git + the rmtp add-on and compiled the software. That`s easy to do:

  • ./configure
  • Make
  • Make install

Afterwards it is adjusting the configuration of NGINX, easily done using the attached file as a template: nginx.conf

What is the process flow in NGINX? The configuration file has a two room’s setup. One OBS can send its stream to one room only. To serve the stream of two rooms, two OBS setups are needed, while the same NGINX server can be used.

OBS1 -> /src/<key>

From there, NGINX pushes the stream to YouTube and to HLS. HLS is configured to make the stream available under /hls/roomN/<key>. The quality of the stream is only limited by the camera and upload bandwidth onsite.

SAP Inside Tracks no Brasil

SAP Inside Tracks é uma série de eventos da comunidade SAP no Brasil. Tudo começou em 2009 com um SAP Community Day em São Paulo. Atualmente, podemos considerar os SITs um grande sucesso. O que começou em 2009 com 35 participantes atraiu na última edição em Joinville mais de 114 pessoas. Já tivemos SITs em São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and São Leopoldo.

São Paulo é a cidade sede dos nossos SITs. Por causa disso é o lugar com mais SITs até agora, seguido por São Leopoldo. Isso não é uma grande surpresa, já que em São Paulo há a sede de SAP do Brasil e em São Leopoldo há o famoso SAP Labs. Somando os participantes de todos os anos, tinha 1523 participantes, com 175 palestrantes e 190 sessões.

SAP Inside Track Joinville 2015

Our 1st SIT at Joinville at PUC university in Joinville. Besides SCN as the main communication channel for announcing the event, we had an own website of the event as well as apps for iOS and Android. Over the website + apps (all done in UI5) it was also possible to give feedback of the event. As there are several large SAP customers in Joinville, overall reception of the event was good. We had 114 on site participants! We recorded the sessions, streamed them to Youtube and for those behind a proxy, made them available as an HLS stream for app and modern web browsers.


Official site SAP Community Network
Edition 12
Date 14.8.2015
Location Universidade Católica de Santa Catarina, Joinville, SC, Brazil
Twitter #sitjoi
Sessions 23
Speakers 21
Tracks 2
Participants 114
Tweets 1062
Twitter reach >1.500.000

Event Schedule

Session vídeos–sit-joinville-2015 



Sergio Oliveira e Calixto Herkert Desafio Fiscal Brasileiro – Como Cumprir?
Marssel Vilaça Passo a Passo Para Iniciar Uma Carreira SAP
Marlo Simon Eduardo Chagas e Marssel Vilaça Palestra de Recepção
Marlo Simon Vamos com Node.js? Sim, você vai precisar disso no mundo SAP
João Norberto Santos Junior SAP UI5, conceito, funcionalidade e como se encaixa no SAP Fiori
Jackson Donadel Salesforce Integration with ECC via PI
Guilherme Seabra Desenvolvimento de Aplicações Móveis com Fiori, SAPUI5 e NW Gateway
Fabio Pagoti Componentes do UI5
Fabio Pagoti HANA XS Data Services
Eduardo Chagas Business Rules Framework +
Cristiano Molognoni Desenvolvendo uma Aplicação UI5 no HANA
Bruno Lucattelli Machine Learning 101 – Por Onde Começar
Allan Silva HANA Cloud Platform and Integration with SAP R/3



Wrap up SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo

In our long list of SAP Inside Tracks in Brazil the last event realized was SIT São Leopoldo. This time our SIT was co-hosted with DKOM at SAP Labs São Leopoldo. DKOM was a 2 day event (31.3, SAP employees only, 1.4, open to partners + clients), SIT SL a one day event (1.4). As always, we recorded the videos and streamed them, and for those wondering why no HLS this time: I think it was a good proof that you cannot rely on YouTube 🙂

My event app allowed to sign up for the event, thanks to everyone that did so! Android users had also the chance to rate SIT sessions using the app. Apple was against a release of this feature before the event started, therefore iOS users could only rate sessions after the event was over. In total 45 people downloaded the app. While this looks nice, compared to the total number of participants the number is too low. For next SIT I’ll have to think about how to increase the number of people installing the event app. I guess it will help if the registration via app is the preferred way and opening up the web site event registration only later. Which implies to release the app way earlier.

I created a wrap up presentation for internal usage. As the file size is 5MB I cannot share it here. But here are some of the key slides and numbers:

I used the UI5 app to create a web site version, giving everyone with internet access the chance to access key information about the event. The site URL was The site had 122 unique visitors.

Tweets were analyzed with a variety of tools, with Kibana being the primary reporting tool.

Impressions from the event.

To speak for all other Mentors involved at the event: a big thank you to SAP Labs São Leopoldo to let us co-host the event.

SAP Inside Track Brazil

SAP Inside Track in Brazil is a series of community events that started in 2009 and since then turned themselves into a real success case. What started in 2009 with 35 participants that shared hands on information after SAP Forum is now in its 11th edition and a sought after community driven event around SAP in Brazil. As of today, SITs were hosted in three cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and São Leopoldo.

A constant location is São Paulo, having hosted most of the SITs in Brazil, followed by São Leopoldo. No big surprise, as both cities have a strong SAP location: SAP offices in São Paulo and SAP Labs in São Leopoldo.

In total, the SITs attracted 1268 participants over the years, and the number of speakers and sessions is equally impressive: 126 speakers giving 136 sessions.

SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2015

Our 3rd SIT at São Leopoldo was the first one to b eco-hosted at the first DKOM event at SAP Labs. DKOM being a two day event, the first day was strictly SAP internal, while the second day was open to clients and customers.


Official site SAP Community Network
Edition 11
Date 1.4.2015
Location SAP Labs Latin America – Av. SAP, 188, São Leopoldo, RS
Twitter #sitsl
Sessions 14
Speakers 12
Tracks 1
Participants 283
Tweets 725
Twitter reach 1.118.986

Event Schedule